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Old 10-23-2009, 05:19 PM   #1

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Whew! We are a small three person guild and we have finally finished all but 1 amenity and the decor of our T1 guild hall and wanted to share our images. Thanks for looking! SMILEY

This is the main entry hall with our version of a large aquarium. The podium at the front holds a self written book for our visitors explaining all the rooms of the hall.

The room off to the right of the entry hall is our crafting hall. We have a small guild but do a lot of crafting so we wanted to make an area that holds all of our merchants in a convenient way.  

We made our own creative version of a druid portal where our NPC resides. This is also in the crafting hall.

A set up to keep all our guild treasures safe. Our banker is also located in the crafting hall.(yes you can click through the bars)

To make the crafting chores more fun, each crafting station has it's own private area and custom items that highlight each tradeskill profession. Here is an example of our station set up including our chemistry and sage tables.

Off the crafting hall is a garden room where you can relax in the soothing atmosphere by the fountain or take a trip to the Sinking Sands.

More views of the garden room.

Back across the main entry is our concert hall. This is where our guild bar, featuring a stage for a great band (made up of burnai and mushroom men plushies).

Close up of the stage.

Close up of our guild bar complete with an bartender and our very own distillery in front.

High a top the bar is a main viewing stage of the room for the three guild leaders (hence the three thrones) this is also where our portal to member housing is.

Take the stairs and bridge across the room to enjoy a meditation pond created after one of our druid's spells got out of hand and we had a bit of mother nature bust through the structure. Thank goodness the gnomes in our guild are good at building reinforcing walls SMILEY

A close up of the pond suspended in the middle of the collapse. A great place to afk SMILEY

Down the stairs from the concert hall you will find our guild library. Recently covered in ice we are still trying to thaw out the rest of the books.

Another view of our library.

And the final room across the hall from the library is our combat arena set up with a large unobstructed combat area, a summoning NPC to use arena pets for practice and of course the ominous wall of of the dead at the rear.

So from our small guild of three we want to thank you for letting us share our pictures of our hall. We have worked really hard to make it creative, yet useable and are happy with the results. Thanks from Ioto, Shasioca and Zade of Chaotic Bliss.

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great guild hall!.. excellent work!

Mistal x

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Absolutely Amazing!

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