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Old 11-26-2006, 09:10 PM   #1

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I am 15 at the moment, I have like 200 15 to 26 characters. I like the conjurer for his pets etc. but what level is the conjurer going "OMG..." ?
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Old 11-26-2006, 09:19 PM   #2

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20 you start to become pretty powerful, and 24 you get a great new pet to replace the dinky millipede. But Level 35 is when you really come into the fold.
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Old 11-26-2006, 10:49 PM   #3

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For me, there have been several points of improvement I have considered noteworthy.

16 - Seism - Your first powerful PBAE spell, dangerous in crowded areas, but this was probably the first wow moment when I began to comprehend what it could do when used int he right situations.

20 - Your first fire (wizard) pet,  couple this with Volatile Brace M2 (if you chose that) and you have a great combo that should last you at least til you get your next earth pet at 24.  The fire pet + volatile ____ combo diminishes in usefulness as mobs get tougher with levels, but its a real wow moment when you first have them in the low 20s.

24 - Aqueous Stalkers is an M2 choice, while the refresh rate makes it a spell you won't be using every fight, this gives you the potential to fight tougher stuff occasionaly or just finish somethign off quicker. (also get your next earth pet this level which is a nice step up from the crawler).

25 - Your first powerful AE Fast DoT, combined with your other AE spells (seism, and sleet lines) you now have great abilities for taking on group encounters

32 - Your first Air Pet, if you group a lot (or solo a lot of even con or less mobs) the scout pet puts out some impressive damage. (keeping the scout pet alive when soloing can take some practice, but having good upgrades for your pet heals and earthly brand line spells helps a lot if you want to solo with him)

35 - This is indeed a realy great level, you get your second dumbfire (like aqueous stalkers) pet so you can either use them both in the same fight to boost dps, or you can rotate them so you can be using one or the other every couple fights.  at 35, you also have available to you Swarm of Bats, which is a nice DoT with a debuff, but this one is only available in bloodlines OR by having a sage make it for you.

40 - Vehement Stone.  The spell itslef is not impressive at first glance, but the extra defense it adds if you can get an M1 or A3 of it adds a lot of survivability to your pet for a short duration which for me can make the diference between victory or defeat against heroic mobs.

50 - * I have not managed to get a conj to 50 (I also have more alts than I have time to play them all), but from all I've read Blazing presence is one of the spells that will make a HUGE improvement in your DPS.

If you follow the link in Xalmat's post above to the conjuror's tower, you will find tons of helpful information there as well.

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Old 11-26-2006, 11:43 PM   #4

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I found that things started to get interesting about 30 or so, and really took off aout 40. I feel that every class pre-30 is pretty much a trial. You get no good armor or spells pre-30, so don't judge a class by that. If by 30, you're comfortable with the class you've chosen, then it's the class for you. Once I hit 45 and moved to desert of flames, I was stunned at how FUN conj was. Before this, i was questing and grinding and so forth, but suddenly I was having fun doing it. Vt Gem is a life saver, as well. i use it about 1 in 3 fights, especially on raids. Elemental Vestment is a nice 300 point proc to every cast for 30s as well. once you hit 45 or so, the entire class seems to change from poor man's wizard/pretty good soloer, to all out dps and great soloability. Once you hit 60+ both these are even better, especially with your last t7 pet (the 6 legged dog). I've tanked epics with that dog (not for long, but long enough to get our tank back up ... even if i died afterwards).
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Old 11-26-2006, 11:57 PM   #5

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level 40 and so on with stoneskin, blazing line, frigid winds, elemental vestment etc
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Old 11-27-2006, 02:05 AM   #6

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I'd hold out until level 32, when you get your scout pet since by then you have a good portion of the conj skills. Honestly though, once you hit 50, everything changes. It makes soloing mobs (especially weaker ones) a snap and can allow you to do some pretty neat stuff.So, I'd say stick with it until your 30's to see if you like it, and if you do, set your sights on level 50. OT: Elemental Vestment procs off the pet right? So technically the damage proc would count towards the pet?Not sure, I hardly use it but I definitly would if it adds aggro to the pet (for solo purposes).
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Old 11-27-2006, 02:11 AM   #7

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I've been a Conj since a few weeks after launch, and I can tell you that even when we were terrible, I LOVED the class.  We have the most versatility, and the biggest assortment of abilities f pretty much any class, PLUS we have some very useful stuff.  I'd hang on until 50+ at that point, you'll neverlove another class like the Conjuror, although I am hitting a burnout piont, and working on my Dirge atm lol.
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Old 11-27-2006, 02:32 AM   #8

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Some points in leveling that made me love my conj:

Level 14

-Volitale Brace Master 2 pet defensive stance

-become a sage and keep you crafter level up with your adventure level. Make yourself an adept 3 Tellurian Follower (level 12 tank pet) and adept 3 Soothe Servant (level 14 pet heal). With these 3 spells you will be able to take on just about any solo content up to orange con (harvest your own rares and it is all free).

Level 25

-Shattered Ground your third AoE. Run into a group of double down gnolls in Thundering Steppes, chain cast your 3 AoE spells, and laugh as they all turn to dust (crushed by rocks falling out of the sky -- I love rocks falling from the sky :smileyhappySMILEY

Level 35

-Swarm of Bats piercing DOT and defense debuff. The damage is pretty good when you get the spell. I still have it on my hotbar at 60 for the debuff.

-Roaring Flames your second dumbfire (actually, the Swarm of Bats animation kind of looks like a dumbfire too). By this level you have all your primary and secondary pets and most of your main spells. If you keep your spells upgraded as high as possible (keep crafting) you will be arguably one of the most flexible classes in the game, great soloability and a top parser in groups.

Level 40

-Stoneskin prevents 3 attacks from harming you plus it is your only deaggro. It works great for me when I go a little overboard with the AoEs at the start of a fight and need to pass the agro back to the tank or my pet.

-Vehement Stone a stoneskin for your pet but with a defense buff instead of deagro. It is on a faster timer than Stoneskin and can be used at least every other fight. Great for taking that first big hit mobs love to do, use it everytime it is up.

Level 45 or so

-Sinking Sands. It is a zone not a spell but we conj's just completely rock that zone :smileyvery-happy: Ride the dunetops, pet-pull mobs from as far away as you can see, mow them down as fast as they can run to you, WHAT A BLAST.

Level 58

-Blazing Seed a direct damage pet proc with an added AoE proc when the mob dies. You get this spell at 51 but I am including it here because of the way I macro it.

-Elemental Vestment an AoE pet proc (this you do get at level 5SMILEY. My pet attack macro is : ; pet backoff ; pet attack ; useability Blazing Seed ; useability Elemental Vestments (this macro is for use in groups, when I solo I have another macro that adds pet preserve_master ; pet preserve_self after the pet backoff command). I have this macro hot-keyed on the 1-key and hit it everytime I want to change the pet's target or just because one of the spells has refreshed (I keep them on a hotbar so I can see). If you like doing LOTS of AoE damage then this is when you will aboslutely love being a conj.

Level 65

-Planar Shift dramatically increases pet attributes. I am only at level 60 right now but I really look forward to getting this spell.


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Old 11-27-2006, 03:42 AM   #9

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These make me glad I'm a conj Being able to plane shift and having a 40k hp pet, and being able to save the day (and then killing pet to heal for almost 15k hp and 3600 mana to the party) makes you a lot of friends.

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Old 11-27-2006, 04:38 AM   #10

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Ya I dont care if necroes can summon a thousand dead bodies u cant beat the kick [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] affects of plane shift as well as stone skin for the conjurer and the conjurers pet. Its just perfect. And above all else I blieve conjurers are the best soloers in the game with the endless possibilities to solo a mob based on the abilities given to u.
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Old 11-27-2006, 06:39 AM   #11

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I'd have to say conj's start to shine in their 30's but they peak at 65 when you get planeshift.  Conj's are lucky because we actually have an absurdly kick-[expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] lineup of ancient teaching and "special" spells that ALL fundamentally affect what you can do:


50 (kinda) - Blazing Presence - This is your 20-level upgrade spell.  HUGE boost to your DPS... dinging 49 to 50 should make you cackle with glee!

52 - CoH.  One of the Conj's most well known abilities..... it will cost you 10's of plat over time though hehe

55? (forget the exact level) Frigid winds - Unbreakable 75% snare......... there aren't words to describe how kick-[expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] that is

58 - Elemental Vestament - So good it had to be nerfed.... twice.  The basic jist of the spell is that every time you cast, your pet procs against the entire encounter with its next hit.  This is AE DPS goodness.

65 - Plane Shift - Massively buffs your pet for 60 seconds.  Simply stated, this buff allows you to do some pretty [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] stupid things.  The best use is the tank pet, which allows you to streight-up pet tank almost anything.  Its not unknown for this thing to save a raid wipe....


Without taking into account those spells, you can't really get the full picture of the conj... but you should know by your 30's if you like the style of the class or not.... by 50 you should know for sure.

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Old 11-27-2006, 08:44 AM   #12
Guy De Alsace

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I just rolled up a Fae Conjuror as only my 2nd Mage class. My first was a Warlock and I was sick and tired of my root continuously breaking so he got shelved...have to say he rocks bells. I'm lvl 23 at the moment with Tellurian thingy Adept III waiting for me next level.

The only 'pet' class I've had before was my Mystic post KoS with her dog that dies if it happens to be a cloudy day so I'm enjoying using a pet that can actually live longer than 2 seconds.

Its also nice to see a post where people are enjoying their class rather than bemoaning nerfs SMILEY This from a Ranger main...heh

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