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I know there is already a post on this, but I thought i'd start a little section to explain what I have just recently experienced. I just went to the arena today and a warden and I  had fought it out trying to kill the other, neither of us could do this...and to say the least the warden could put out better dps. I had a master (pretty much useless now) air pet, fully buffed in offensive and I shifted it, and used every combat CA...stunned the warden for 7 seconds and to say the least, the pet only got her down to 75% health...this was with netherworld robe clicked on it. The air pet was not even stunning, and from what is supposed to be our good air pet is now just a very pathetic scout. I was on a labs run.../pet attack and 2 seconds later i'm making another...so I'm not to sure why we were nerfed to begin with cause its not like we can have a pet live anymore. While in the arena I sent in my swarm pets...to say the least they were dead instantly after hitting...their hitpoints suck and their damage reduced...what dps to they throw out? None. Some of you may be thinking this is what you've read before, but I'm trying to direct this post for sony to read, and I hope they do. I almost died once because i tried to impload and forgot to click off my pets death prevention spell...that was an ok nerf long before this LU but making it to where when we depend on it the most we cant. Raids fully dps on a raid mob and luckily a pet not dying averaged about 700 dps...tried out the mage pet and its suicidal...when do casters run in and melee dps heh. If our pets were meant to commit suicide, what use are they anymore. I would like to see some kind of fix to our class, but its rediculous sitting out every raid or instance because they only need one conjuror...and they need a dps class.
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Wardens heal really well. Its possible that the warden you were fighting just did more HPS than you did DPS. I always found that wardens were one of the tougher classes to fight anyway. As for the rest of your rant, yes we took a DPS hit, but it wasn't as bad as you are making it seem. I was raiding last night in courts and was still pulling in excellent dps, even with my fire pet acting like a [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]. Honestly, i think that a lot of people have to learn how to adapt to change and roll wiht the punches. There is nothign we can do about the nerf, just gotta work with what you have.
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