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Okay, folks,

We promised you answers to four big questions that kept coming up on the forums yesterday. (We promised info by early next week, but we're ready with the info now, so here ya go.)

1) Will current Platinum subscribers get "Age of Discovery" for free?

The answer is "yes". Platinum users technically only get "Destiny of Velious" as part of their membership, but we do remember the conversations that occurred before launch where we had talked about *possibly* giving expansions for free to Platinum. We understand why people think they should be getting AoD for free, and we are "doing the right thing" by making that happen.

However, "Age of Discovery" is the last expansion that will be given for free to Platinum members because we are now discontinuing the Platinum service after this. But enjoy!

2) Will Freeport players be eligible for Veteran Rewards after the change?

The answer is "yes". In fact, if you played on Live and EQ2X both, we are merging your histories together to ensure that you do not lose any veteran status. So if you used to play on Live, but now play only on EQ2X, you will still get veteran rewards based on your Live duration as well as your EQ2X one. (NOTE: These are not cumulative. If you were playing Live at the same time as EQ2X, then you only get credit for one service against time for vet rewards.)

3) Do recurring subscriptions get a 500SC bonus grant per month?

The answer is "yes". All durations of recurring Gold memberships (1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month) get 500SC granted to them each month. (NOTE: This is a perk for recurring memberships only. Non-recurring memberships do not get this grant.)

4) Character slots. There are several situations that people have asked about. Here are all the answers at once:

Do I keep my character slots after the changeover?

The answer is "yes". If you paid for it on the marketplace, we don't take it away. You keep all character slots.

If I was grandfathered in with the Station Access extra character slots when Station Access was changed last year, do I still keep those extra (grandfathered) slots?

The answer is "yes".

If I was playing on EQII Live *and* on EQ2X, and have tons of characters on both servers, what happens when the conversion occurs and all my characters are visible on the character selection screen all at once?

This answer is a bit more complicated, and I'll explain, but the answer is "We're giving you extra character slots to compensate." Here are the details on this. Please read them carefully.

  1. Everything you read below pertains *only* to characters that existed on your accounts on 11/10/2011. Characters created later than that date are *not* included in this solution.
  2. This solution *only* pertains to players that have characters on *both* a Live server *and* EQ2X.
  3. That being said, here's how it works: You have a number of characters on Live. You have a number of characters on EQ2X. Total those two numbers together. This is your total number of characters. Now subtract from that value, the total number of character slots that purchased for your account on both EQII Live and EQ2X. Now, further subtract seven from that value. (Seven is the base number of slots that a Gold membership grants you by default.) The resulting value is the number of character slots that we will grant you for free so that you can still access and play all of your characters. Make sense? (There's an example below, in #4, for clarity.
  4. Example of #3 : Bob has 11 characters on Antonia Bayle (purchased four character slots) and 8 characters on Freeport (purchased one character slot). The total number of characters is 19. The total character slots purchased is 5. (19 - 5 - 7 = 7) So Bob will receive seven new character slots on his account on the day of conversion so that he can access all 19 of his characters without further purchase.
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