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The Quiet Type
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Saroc_Luclin wrote:

More Fan Faire feedback ideas. * If you do Platinum Passes again, consider letting the Plat Pass buyers get the Digital Collector Editions of the expansions. * With respect to the free expansions in general, provide a way people can upgrade their free expansions to the Collectors Editions without having to actually BUY the CE's. There's rumbling going on on the EQLive boards now about those two topics with respect to the Fan Faire. (And frankly, even though I don't usually buy the CE's, I'm a little irked by them too)

SOE Please do this!

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The Quiet Type
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I missed this thread, woops SMILEY


  1. Please don't get Jace Hall to MC again. He was dull, and way too heavily scripted. The only times I thought he was remotely funny was when he went off script. I realize he was probably pretty cheap, because he wanted to use the audience in his "LOL MONEY MONEY LOL" chant thing, but still... Watching him just made the show drag on.
  2. Brasse rocked... She stayed in character the whole time (well, besides the opening meeting thing... I blame Smed), and was funny. She's familiar with every Sony game, and thus able to connect and relate to the SoE gamers. Costume was awesome. /thumbs up for Brasse in 2011.
  3. Felisha Day and/or all of The Guild for Fan Faire 2011! The drunk Paladin who was shouting "Brink Back Brenlo" when Jace Hall was talking suggested this, lol. It would be priceless if they could attend and MC.
  1. Would be pretty nice if the schedules in the booklet were sorted by game. Granted, the first day there, I made a spreadsheet of all the EverQuest events, Times, and Locations, and added in the other events that looked interesting, and went from there... I don't expect people to do that though, lol.
  2. throw the people out who heckle the devs...
  3. Best of The Best - I don't know about the other competitions, but Kiara tried for a good 20+ minutes to get the projector thingy to work, and  couldn't... Maybe get that working ahead of time? SMILEY
  1. I personally liked Ballys... Most of my guild, however, did not... Maybe because it was my first trip, ever, to Vegas. I purchased the 24 hour buffet (omg... all the food!).. Had a few meals at the buffet in Paris, and then went to Planet Hollywood (I think?), and fell in love with that food... Made Paris feel like I was slumming, lol.
  2. -Maybe- publicize to the fan faire people the Vegas events a little more? I guess it's kindof on them to research it themselves, but still...
General stuff:
  1. EQ Swag: Really? lol.. I couldn't figure out what that blue thing for EQ was. A guildmate told me what it was on the car ride home.. A Styrofoam tomahawk? lol
  2. Don't do the differentiation between the passes next year, if they are the same as they were this year... I went with the gold pass, and I don't think I got anything different than a Silver pass... I felt bad for the platinum pass holders.
That's all I can think of.

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