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Tithe points may now only be used to purchase consumable deity abilities, and can no longer be used to increase Divine Potency, Divine Stamina, or Divine Critbonus. Divine attributes will be obtained via a method that directly increases the level of the attribute in a future beta update.
The required XP to gain a tithe point is now 5 percent of the total XP required for the character's current level.
The beta buffer will now increase players to level 110.
Added the missing AIM skill to Mystics and Furies.

The experience point requirements for level 200 guilds have been reduced.

House Vahla, Yrzu, and Pride Pakiat now have a delayed minimum amount of 20,000. This means that after the player increases their faction above 20,000 they cannot drop below 20,000 by any means.

Two handed weapons should now all have 2 orange adornment slots.
Channelers can now acquire a bow from Tishan's Lockbox by purchasing the scout weapon kit.
Khalizevva Ribbon Mace now has the Anguish proc.
Raid T3 and T4 merchants now properly sell their chain mitigation chest armors.
Bladed Rod of the Planes is now set to secondary only, so as not to be confused as a mage weapon.

Planes of Prophecy Raids: Raid zones can now be accessed from the Plane of Valor portals. You must have 75% of your raid force having completed all 3 heroic Plane of Innovation zones in order to access the first raid zone available. After that you just need to kill all first tier raid bosses within the zone to access further raid zones. The 75% is a new mechanic so please let us know if you see problems with how it works.
Fount of Power buff will now auto cast when a player who has the spell enters an appropriate zone.
Plane of Magic: Increased the count of harvest nodes.
Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach [Heroic] Gaukr Sandstorm should no longer teleport players to the zone in.

Divine Crit Bonus will increase crit bonus overcap by .5 per level.
Corrected an issue where increasing in level would prevent ascension spells from being usable until zoning or camping.

Double-Cross IX is now actually a thing.

The level 105 grandmaster choice Apply Poison has been replaced with Massacre.

The level 105 grandmaster choice Ancestral Mettle has been replaced with Torpor.

Corrected the stat bonuses on short duration snacks.
Carpenters have things to do now.
Corrected several weaponsmith and woodworker recipes so that they use the appropriate primary component, and are named after that component.
Added crossbow bolts to the bloody tooth and twark recipe books.
Corrected tradeskill writs so that they will no longer ask for two of the same item.
Reduced the required level for the Planar Adornments recipe book to level 101.
Added a Planar Adornment of Health to the Planar Adornments recipebook.
Added sparklies to the cnidcara hide icon.
Writ coin rewards should now match the coin spent on the fuels involved in the writ.

Updated the experience points awarded by Planes of Prophecy public quests...

Many of the faction quest givers now react according to the player's faction when approached, via a text message in their chat window.
The first faction line repeatable quests have had a message added to their quest descriptions to indicate when the next quests will be unlocked.
Legacy of Power: Tyrant's Throne - Speaking with Druzzil Ro is now a group update.
Legacy of Power: Tyrant's Throne - The Molten Throne is now available!
Operation Crustacean Station Continuation - Now requires killing 6 lobster monsters.
Arcana Control - The rampaging stelecat should no longer spawn below the player.
Legacy of Power: An Innovative Approach - An "Ancient Clockwork Hand" now drops one per player.
Legacy of Power: An Innovative Approach - An error message is now displayed if the player already has the "Electro-Charged Clockwork Hand" upon defeating The Glitched Guardian 10101.
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