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Plane of Magic
  • New Cnidcara appearances for feeders and frenzied.
  • The teleporter pad in The Stratafold is now accurately named.

Plane of Innovation [All Versions]
  • The sewer grate in the lower portion of the junkyard should now take you to the zone entrance when used.

Plane of Innovation [Solo Zones]
  • Creatures within this zone should be heroic tier as originally intended. You should use the font buff to survive in there.

Torden, Bastion of Thunder [Solo Zones]
  • Creatures within this zone should be heroic tier as originally intended. You should use the font buff to survive in there.
  • Corrected issue that caused all the creatures within to show as non-heroic.
  • Corrected an issue that caused some of the progression portals to not spawn correctly.
  • Corrected an issue on many fights where non-fighters were getting one shot by low damage.

  • Respawn and evac points added to the instanced version of the Aetherscar.

  • Corrected the classification on midline Prestige Abilities from Prestige Expertise to Prestige Mastery.

  • The collection reward Ring of Malicious Augury now has the correct stat amounts for its level.

  • Fresh and Greasy - Cross greatmoles respawn much faster now.
  • Ilarmna should no longer incorrectly hand out duplicate black mirrors for the quest Fount Duty.
  • Legacy of Power, the Planes of Prophecy signature quest line is now being offered by Aunsellus Tishan, on Scintillating Spires isle.
  • Legacy of Power: An Innovative Approach – An erratic clockwork is now present, whether on quest or not, to open the tube grate. Also, the grate should now remain open, once opened.
  • Legacy of Power: Secrets in an Arcane Land - Cirussean Salt and Luminia Sapphire is easier to see now.
  • Lowered respawn rates for the subversion founts needed for the quest "Fount Duty," and the smooth aecilite needed for the quest "Retaking the Test."
  • Nothing Subtle About It - Awe-laced river stone is more prevalent and easier to see.
  • Subversion Founts needed for the quest "Fount Duty" should correctly be mouse-clickable rather than needing to be tab-targeted.
  • The Vahla quest Sure as Shell now grants a reward usable by mages and priests.
  • Updated directions to the hidden nest for the quest "Take Me to Your Leader."
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  • The Fount of Power buff should remain active within Coliseum of Valor: Hero's Devotion and Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach [Solo].
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