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I made my second dungeon (on AB) in a circular pattern from one of the Crushbone floorplans (2, I think), blocking off the branches with walls, etc.; each main room was decorated with a different color, progressing around the color wheel.  (I've named it Skittles -- Taste the Rainbow. hehehehe.)  The entrance/exit points are in a small hallway between Red and Orange.   Obviously, a player can choose to run the dungeon in either direction, although it rather favors starting in the Red Room and going counter-clockwise.

I completed everything this afternoon and went to test it.  I had intended to start from Red, but when I moved to read the intro book, I came within range of the Wave mob in the next little room, so I went into the Orange room and proceeded clockwise around.  When I emerged, I had been granted 17709 experience and 37 marks.  (The mark total was expected as the difficulty was calculated at just over 3700.)

I zoned back in to test it in the other direction, and by the time I got around to my Yellow Room, with my djinn boss (who I had bumped up an extra level) that had all the Effects boxes for Vigor, Battle Prowess, and Physical Damage (I had lots of melee classes) -- I noted that the xp per mob was down to 90 for ordinary mobs, and only 117 for the boss djinn!

This time, when I exited the dungeon -- and I was very sure I had killed everything there -- I got the 37 marks, but only 6538 experience points.  My vitality was still in the 200% bonus range, altho I could see the marker on my xp bar.

I zoned back in, unpublished the dungeon and went to edit the Yellow Room.  I clicked on one of the mobs, and did not see the buff images for the Effects that had been placed in the room.

Has anyone else had their Effects stop working?

I'll be filing a /petition after I post this, just to get the situation looked at.  I paid good Station Cash for the Effects, and I want to be able to use them when and where I will.  I pride myself on making dungeons that are entertaining because they are more than just clumps of mobs spaced exactly aggro distance apart.  I have all different kinds of mobs (because I spend my DM on booster packs, sigh) and I create extra value by making those individual foes tougher to beat, thus upping the difficulty value and the mark payout.

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The only things I've run across so far is that a multi effect didn't apply to a mob when I moved it closer to wall in a hallway and when I play the mob on architecture off the ground.  The one close to the wall was fixed by moving it away from the wall slightly.  I don't know how to fix the elevated mobs not taking effects.

I havne't (yet) come across an effect just not applying.  As for the xp points per mob it does seem bugged.  Make it harder get less points.  And some level 54 mobs seem downright frail compared to level 50 mobs.   

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Do the effect objects impact the exp per mob?  I wasn't sure.  My exp is always kind of flaky in the dungeons.  It seems like I get a certain amount for awhile then it drops.  Most of the mobs in my dungeon are pretty buff but I dunno that it means anything exp-wise.

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