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I wanted to provide some feedback to the SoE team and tell them what a great job I think they did with Sleepers Tomb. 

Art Work:The art work is amazing, I love the detail and creatures and bleeding eyes and blue eyes and statues that come to life its really top drawer.  Zone Layout:1.  Love the portals at the end of each end of the zone that warp you back to center so you do not have to run that back  GREAT idea would love to see this in future zones as well.

2.  L O V E the open floors and WIDE halls. I often play more then one toon as do many of my friends. It is so nice not to have crap on the floor that they can get stuck on when following me.  LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT 25 Gold Stars for the easy to nav. floors.

3. LOVE how you can turn mobs into hard mode saw that in other xpacs and never commented on it.. Only minior complaint here is that it is a bit hard to figure out how to turn some mobs in ST into Hard Mode and which ones can be made hard.  I have not figured out how to turn the first name into hard mode or if that option for him exists.  Also Eudoxxus there does not seem to be an obvious way to change him into hard mode.  If there is I have not found it.  The Specter Named  I figured out how to turn her into hard mode by accident.  So again I think some type of red text or something that lets you know this mob can be hard mode would be helpful.

4.  LOVE the portal that takes you to another part of the zone with all the dragons.  Just over all Great Zone layout, please put in open floors and portals in future zones as well it sure helps save a lot of running around.Props again teamThe encounters are also a lot of fun for a group

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Have to agree the zone art was great, I'm glad to see the crystal golems that somehow got evicted from skyshrine as well.

The only disapointment was Kerafyrm, he simply looks like a wierd dinosaur and not a prismatic dragon.

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