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                                     Lady Vanndania, A Paladin's Tale

 Sometimes, I have vague, faded dreams of soft music and light and laughter. During these dreams, I feel an overwhelming sense of joy and belonging.I see great tree spires reaching to the clouds outlined by beautiful, verdant sunshine.Colorful arrays of exotic birds fly overhead creating the perfect picture of serenity.

Then the scene changes........

The sky is concealed by dust and flames.The sounds become those of people, MY people, wounded and dying.The music becomes a cacophony of metal ringing and war cries. I hear my own voice chanting prayers and pleading for help from my deity Heironeous, God of Valor.The answer to my prayers comes as a searing pain in my head,and followed by blackness.......

Forgive me; my name is Vandania, Knight of the Eldritch Order.I’m sure I have both a last name and a home, but I couldn’t possibly tell you of either, for I don’t remember them.You see, some time back, I awoke on a strange shore in asuit of broken and tattered armor, grasping a sword hiltwith one hand and the symbol of my Deity with the other.I am not even certain that Vandania is my true name,but it’s sufficient for the time being.I am a High Elfwho started my career as a Holy Warrior, in other words,as a Paladin. My ascent into the Eldritch Knight Order beganback then without my knowledge. In fact, I didn’t even knowsuch a thing existed. In a daze i found myselfwondering about the land for days until I happened upon asmall town of Baka, wherein,I met the first of my knew friends,Quazzibar.

Quaz and I, in an effort to help mymemory, undertook a mission for the town Mayor thatwe thought may jog some semblance of my former abilities.It started as a seemingly simple quest to retrieve asignet ring, stolen from the area's Barron.It had been lifted from him by some lizard-likecreatures called Kobolds during an ambush, who ultimately fledinto an ancient cave. It all went well forus until we discovered that this cave opened intoa large underground complex. The further we wentthe worse things became.

We managed to recover this ring and return it,but then everything went awry.Turns out, when wegot this ring, we raised the ire of arather powerful foe. Naturally, we had to returnto the complex and we knew we had to enlistmore help. Unfortunately, bravery was in short supply.Now, elves and dwarves never really got along toowell, but as fate would have it, theonly help we could muster was in the personae oftwo dwarves; the siblings, Torgga and Tordek.As a rather unsettled, we four headed into thecaverns to make our own place in the annals ofhistory. Our new mission was to eliminate the Kobold Clanthat had taken residency in the area and were terrorizingthe outlying farms. As we pushed onward, we discovered that the clan was under the command ofa relatively powerful Shaman. As this Shaman fell,he hinted that this was just the beginning.

Indeed it was.

As we moved to the next, the enemies andmissions got more difficult. Soon we found ourselves matchingskills with the undead, were-creatures, aguild of thieves, and large scale curses.In the midst of all this, we learned of a much larger threat to life as it is.Additionally, we learned of ancient orders of elite heroes.One being the legendary Dragon Riders, and another less known but very elite called the Eldritch Knights.At this point, I was still only a Paladin.I was, however, interested in learning more ofthese new orders. Still unknown to me, myjourney to the order was well underway. Our missionshad now taken a rather grisly form; we hadunwittingly started on a great quest to save the region.It wasn’t until we reclaimed the Great Storm Forestfrom a curse of misdirection and entrapment that everything beganfalling into place. We learned of friends who werenow foes and artifacts of order that were now missing,which allowed long sealed-away evils to now breakfree to plague the land once more. The mostnotable was a forgotten Archmage, by the name of,Luthor Zanderogen. I was awarded the title of “Eldritch Knight”after defeating one of his lieutenants in his Forest Tower in theforest. As of now, I still know naught of my past.......

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