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Well I usually have played EQ2 on a subscription basis. Although I figured I'd try the f2p option & see how well I liked it but I was completely disappointed. So I'm here to give some feedback & suggestions, I just hope that the developers actually read this thread since there is no suggestion forum in the Developers Corner Forums. When I played the f2p version of EQ2 I noticed that you are very limited in what race & classes you can play, also you are pretty restricted on your cosmetic looks as well, & once I was in the game I realized that I also only had 2 bags I could use, two slots in warehouse & absolutely no access at all to the Trade Broker. This was disappointing but I figured I'd stick around longer to see if I could still enjoy the game. So I started to lvl my character & gather materials for a quest. Once I got to an area for a Fishing Quest & to kill crocodile like creatures my inventory became full so I trashed some items so I could gather more fish in the river for the quest. And sadly even after I emptied some of my inventory it said my inventory was overflowing & that I could not pick up anymore items. I could loot items off of mobs but I couldn't gather anything. This is why I gave up on the f2p option on EQ2. If it's f2p your way then why is it that everything is so limited like that, I don't like the idea that I'd be forced to pay instead of free 2 play. In my opinion EQ2 would be so much better if all content was free 2 play & there were no restrictions on inventory, bank, tradebroker, magic, or other skills. I think that money could still be made off the future expansions & off of the item mall. So it's not like everything would be free. And there are other reasons I think f2p would be good as well. For me at least, currently I can't afford pay to play games due to the fact that my husband has been seriously ill & is going to have surgery soon, but I'm not here for a pity party. I'm here to tell you that there are ppl that can't afford EQ2 for various reasons. I think though that one of the main reasons a majority of ppl can't afford it is cause of the way the market is right now in the USA & other Countries. A lot of ppl are tight on money due to this. The nice thing about expansions too is that ppl that can't afford to pay monthly fees may really like the new expansions, & be able to afford expansions by the time they come out cause Expansions probably don't come every month, cause it takes longer to make them which gives player time to save up money for them when they see previews. Anyways my point is that if you could make f2p really Free to Play the Players Way. I think a lot more ppl might choose to come back to EQ2 & stay.

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FYI, Few people will read a wall of text (paragraphs please!) posted in the wrong forum.

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