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"Has the Phage been retrieved successfully?"

The imposing gnomish figure clad in a luxurous silken cloak of pitch black shade turned around from behind his desk to address his surbordinate, his ice blue eyes visible from beneath his hood.

"Yes, sir, we have just now managed to teleport Renita Lux'Kall to our laboratory downstairs. It was difficult, but our temporal displacement machines were able to penetrate the field that the accursed Atzila Kol'Olmin had imprisoned her inside", the surbordinate replied, a gnomish woman wearing a matching black cloak.

"Superb", her leader responded.

"I must inform you that she is in poor condition. The essence that the Phage is using to hold her shattered form in one piece is withering away at an exponential rate. Soon, she will disperse into four bodies once more and her power will be greatly deminished", the surbordinate continued.

"It is of no concern", the leader commented, "We can rebuild her. We have the technology. We can make her faster, stronger and in every way more powerful than she was before. We shall scavange parts from history's most evil machines and combine them in order to create a harness worthy of the Phage, unlike that blighted essence of that blasphemer known as the Jester which she has been forced to use thus far."


The Cult of Lux had risen in the shadows of gnomish society long ago, a secret society created in worship of the extradimensional force known as the Phage, an eldritch embodiment of evil itself. Once an organization hidden from the world, they have since come out of hiding in the Phage's hour of greatest need in order to see her goals through to fruition.


On the operating table downstairs, the Phage awoke, still in the form of a petite Koada'Dal woman in a black longcoat with two grey leather belts stitched either side of her shoulders below the collar. She had a cream complexion and silken waist-length hair that was a light shade of azure, eyes of a bright jade hue. She spoke in a posh, upper-class accent that contrasted with her casual, albeit still theatrical mode of speech. In place of a right arm and a pair of legs in a facsimile of flesh and bone, she now had golden metal limbs made from clockwork that had been gathered from the most evil machines in Norrathian history. Just beneath her left shoulder was a small mechanical case connected by cables to her clockwork limbs, serving as a device that would refine her already considerable power into a more potent form.

The cultists around the table stood in awe as Renita Lux'Kall stirred from unconsciousness.

"All hail Renita Lux'Kall, the almighty Phage! In the name of all that is evil, we herald your rebirth!", the lead cultist proudly exclaimed.

Renita flexxed her gold metal hand as she sat upright, a solid cyan jewel fitted at the center of her steel palm.

"The Cult of Lux, I presume?", Renita spoke as she looked at all the gnomes gathered around her.

"Yes, that is correct, it is we who rescued you from Atzila's clutches", the lead cultist answered.

"Excellent", Renita responded, admiring her clockwork grafts, "This too is your handiwork, correct?"

"Yes, it is we who constructed the mechanical harness to replace the withering essence of the Jester blasphemer. We used only parts taken from the most evil of machines", the head cultist responded.

"I see. I can feel new power surging through every fibre of my being. My killing power has now been amplified a billion fold", Renita commented, most pleased.

"Please inform us if there is any other way in which we can do your bidding, glorious Phage", the head cultist spoke with a bow.

"I shall get back to you on that", Renita replied, "At the moment, I have a long overdue rematch with Atzila Kol'Olmin to be seeing to. This time, she doesn't stand a ghost of a chance."

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