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Old 08-31-2007, 09:40 PM   #1

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I was told that Rangers get pets.

1. What level do they get pets?

2. If the answer to question 1 is yes, what kind of pets do they get and how good are they?

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we get a hawk at 20 a bear at 40 and a tiger at 50, not sure about 50, but those are fluff pets meaning they do nothing and are for show. at 60-70 we get a hawk that attacks and i heard its ok also we get a spell in the ranger ability tree to charm mobs. if i said something false im sorry i only have a lvl 44 ranger
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Like druids, you can also choose to put achievement points into Charm Animal.  It's fun, but not very useful becausemany zones have no animalsmany things that appear to be animals are not charmable (especially in KoS)most animals don't do much damageanimals can't keep aggro off you for long
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Old 08-31-2007, 10:17 PM   #4

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At 65, we get a dumbfire pet called Hawk Dive. It lasts about 30 seconds at master and does pretty pathetic damage. It also breaks stealth with each attack making it utterly useless unless you have used all your stealth arts and your dirge just used cob. It's only other use is to help keep aggro off the non fighters of your group as it siphons some of this hate on to it's self.

In our eof tree, we get the option to charm animals. And as the other people have said, many animals are not animals, and some zones (90% of all dungeons) do not have animals. They also suffer from the same idioc plague that our hawk suffers from, each attack they make breaks stealth. The only zone that befriend animal truly shines in is Unrest, and then only for the first half of the zone.

It also has absolutely no raid utility as we can only charm heroic animals and below. Not to mention the fact that it has the tendency to break at the worst times.

With all that said, there are some truly powerful animals out there that would raise our raid dps quite a bit if soe let us use this art to convert animals into a limited use perma pet. By limited use I mean like how the god spells only have a certain amount of uses.

Spiders are by the best (land) animals to charm. They attack gast, hit for a decent amount and have three combat arts that I know of. They have a fairly decent poison dot that decreases the str of the victim, and a high damafe dot that spawns swarm pets if it is not cured. The other one is an opening stun charge. If you've ever tried to train through the spiders in loping plains, you know this art.

If you happen to be in the water, you will find the best animal in the game to charm... sharks. They hit like a ton of bricks and have some hard hitting combat arts as well.

I plan to in the near future take a coercer out with me and catalog all the animals in norath so that any rangers wanting this aa will know the health, attack and CA of the various animals out there.

Faynar: Level 71 Ranger
Daynar: Level 57 Bruiser
Tulnar: Level 61 Necromancer
Kulnar: Level 50 Templar
Bronar: Level 43 Paladin
Vronar: Level 40 Defiler

Everfrost FTW!
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As a tinkerer I can cast charm (on anything lvl 65 or under) with 90% success rate every 15 minutes..
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