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I heard two sides* of the issue on Tradeskills in EQ in the videos, but here is a solution to make both sides happy. The character level of the tradeskiller bases the minimum required level of the gear that is created, and the skill level of the tradeskill in question bases the quality of the gear made. So a Level 34 Warrior with a Low Blacksmithing skill could make Poor Quality Level 34 gear, but a Level 12 Warrior with a Very High Blacksmithing skill could make Fine Quality Level 12 gear. Getting higher and higher skill in the Tradeskill could be very grindy which allows someone who does not want to grind away forever make entry level gear for their level, but someone who spends forever skilling up could make the epic gear for their level. It should satisfy both sides of the issue.

Material components for the gear would of course increase with both the quality of the gear as well as the minimum level requirement. So Low Quality Gear would require Poor Quality Ore for example and High Quality Gear would require High Quality Ore, but Low Level Gear would require maybe ghoul slime as a Temper and High Level Gear would require say, Dragon Blood as a Temper.

This allows the base material cost of the gear to scale with the quality of the gear, and the level requirement for mob drops to scale with the level of the character.

That's the way I would do it.

* The two sides of the opinion:

Side A: Trade Skills take too much grinding to make something useful.

Side B: Trade Skills should take a lot of grinding so that not everyone can make the cool stuff.

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