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Old 12-15-2007, 11:06 PM   #1

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So I'm going down the "melee" route with my AA for my warden. I'm wondering if theres a big difference between using a 2hander or using a 1hander and shield, and what others are doing.On the one hand the 2hander does a lot of damage and I can always heal myselfOn the other having a shield will help mitigate some of the damage i take and a lot of my damage is from my actual abilities anyway.I'm going to have the 75% chance to crit ability soon too, so that factors as well.any suggestions are appreciated.
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The biggest factor is str , second its procs , you might want to consider a sheild adornment for dmg sheild (ive been looking too cant find one)

If its about the dmg , try the two hander and put an adornment on it ( I personally have pwr adornment)

If you find your self healing to much, then try the 1 hander and sheild, put adorn on both.

Dealing dmg is only good if you can survive.

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A lot depends on what kind of weapon you are able to find.  With 75% melee crits, you want to find something with a high top-end damage.  Took me a really long time to replace blackscale maul, and I replaced it with a 1h weapon (soulfire). 

Comparing a 1h high damage weapon with a 2h high damage weapon, I kinda like the 1h and extra protection from buckler.  Comparing 1h low-mid damage weapon with 2h high damage weapon, go 2h every time.

Download ACT and compare the weapons- unless you find a really good 1h weapon, the 2h will kill so much faster to make it more important for defense than the buckler (killing faster you have less chance to take damage)

Agree with Skivley- the power leaching addornment is nice to have....Oh and Skively...pretty sure that woodworkers make that damage shield addornment for shields- there is also a reactive heal addornment that looks nice

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