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Hey folks. I have been looking around here and other forums to find out a simple questions. What is the real difference? They both ward, can do dps and heal. But what defines each class? I have a mystic I am leveling now, 68, and wanted to know if I should stay on this track or betray. So here are some basic, or no very basic, questions

1. What is the real difference?

2. Is there a class defining ability each has?

3. Is one class better in a melee group and another in a caster group?


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Overall, mystic is more offensive and defiler is more defensive. Defilers have more spike dmg prevention and AE heal capacity than mystics as well as a non-physical dmg reduction proc. Mystics have a more solid melee role as they get stampede and a small MA proc and spell-to-CA conversions for fitting dps in while still healing and buffing meleers more. Defilers get groupwide crit bonus which doesn't hurt dps, but like i said they are definitely more focused on spike dmg prevention and AE healing/survivability in general.

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As Hene said, Mystics are mostly offensive based and defilers are mostly defensive based, but that is only to a point.  When Denna was still a defiler I would be the top healer on most fights as well as being the healer with the most DPS, especially on AoE fights.  Just time abilities and learn when best to use them.

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