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If I scribe a new set of recipes and then do searches, odd things happen to the sorting order of recipes.  It is hard to describe because there doesn't seem to be any pattern - random things just end up out of place (that is, not sorted by level).  However, if I camp and come back, the problem does not seem to be reproducible.

I noticed this after I had scribed GM Alch Advanced IV.  After camping seemed to fix it, I tried scribing GM Basic III.  Again odd things happen.  For example, after some searches, when I left the search box empty and clicked "Find", all of the Ignorant Bliss recipes were at the top of the list, followed by everything else in expected order.

Another example (from the first time, just after scribing Advanced IV) was that when I searched for "feebl", it showed all the Enfeebling Poison recipes, but in reverse order by level.  Then when I left the search box empty, everything looked ok except for one lonely level 93 Savant (something, I don't remember what) at the bottom of the list below the level 94 recipes.

As I said, I can't see any pattern to it.


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