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Old 12-04-2007, 04:12 AM   #1

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Aria of Magic M1 appears to be virtually identical in effect to Aria of Acclamation Master II (a choice at level 64).  For me with 845 INT, the numbers look like this:Aria of Acclamation M2: 52% chance to do 323-538 =  168 - 279Aria of Magic M1: 45% chance to do 376 - 627 = 169 - 282so about a 1% difference.In contrast, for another of our level 64 M2 choices, Dancing Blade, even the T8 Adept 3 is better than the T7 M2:Dancing Blade M2: 550-917 dmg, 818 vs. magic debuffBright Blade Adept 3: 572-953 dmg, 884 vs magic debuffI don't have Adept 3 or M1 of Chaos Anthem or Arcane Tempo, so I can't make those comparisons, but the situation with Aria seems wrong.H.Ok, I owe everyone an apology for posting this info, which is correct, but misleading.  The additional info needed is that with higher INT, Aria of Magic M1 does become better than Aria of Acclamation M2.  The reason is that there is a cap on the stat value (in this case INT) that improves abilities, and the cap goes up with the level of the spell.  The formula for the cap is (level*15)+20.  So since Aria of Acclamation is a level 64 spell the maximum INT that improves it is 980.  But Aria of Magic is a level 75 spell, so it keeps scaling with INT up to 1145.Currently, my INT does not get to 980 when I am solo, but almost always exceeds that with group buffs.  So for the moment, until I get better gear, I'll be using Aria of Acclamation for soloing and Aria of Magic when in group.Still seems like a bit of a disparity, but I didn't want anyone transmuting Aria of Magic M1 thinking it was not good for anything at all.  SMILEY
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/agree TBHI believe this was mentioned in beta forums as well and was never addressed.
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There are a number of CA's/Spells that the 70+ versions are not an upgrade for.  If you are mastered out with the 57-70 spells, odds are the 71-80 spells will only be upgrades with Adept 3's or Master 1's.  Sometime not even those will be upgrades.

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Could Coat of Fascination be effecting thisI know it'd have increased proc chance at least

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yeah i am EXTREMELY saddenned that the coat does not affect the upgrade of this spell.

to shame.

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Old 12-11-2007, 12:07 PM   #6

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Generally speaking I like the expansion a lot.  But I have been VERY disappointed with the "new" spells/upgrades.  Especially considering the cost of rare loams, mostly it's a waste, and I have stopped even trying to upgrade for now.

I play several other classes as alts, and some of those upgrades seem to make much more difference than troub's do.

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Old 12-14-2007, 02:44 AM   #7

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there is a thread on flames giving the mathematical breakdown of the two spells and the 5 song bonus on the magnetism set

basic gist was that it's pointless to upgrade if you have the fascination chestpiece until you have 5 pieces of the magnetism set OR whichever chestpiece you equip gives you enough dps to bridge the gap where the high int counts of the casters in your groups will give enough of a boost to dmg.

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