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Hi, short time reader, first time poster. I recently upgraded my RAM from 2 gig to 4, and saw a huge jump in performance, going from 10-20 FPS to easily getting a minimum of 40. I was even getting 30+ in SoH in raid combat. Cool, I thought. So I went out and got a brand spanking new ATI 4850. At first things were fine, I got even higher FPS, 60+ in Qeynos Harbor. But after a short time playing, it drops to never going above 20 FPS no matter what I do (unless I reboot, just restarting EQ won't do it).

Argh. I read somewhere (probably here) that playing in windowed mode was a problem because the card would underclock itself. So I started playing in fullscreen. Again, I start at awesome, and wind up back at slideshow within about 30 minutes. I've checked all my (many) fans including the one on the new card, they're all whirring away, presumably as they should be, so I wouldn't think heat was the problem.

Sorry I don't have full system stats on me atm, but I was wondering if anyone can take a crack at the issue. I'd really prefer not to go back to my old card, but...ugh. I miss 40 FPS already. Thanks. 

(I already got & installed the latest drivers)

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