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Old 11-05-2012, 12:06 AM   #1

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Is there a way to take AAs out of a tree once they are in one? Even a 1 time thing? I will chalk it up to too many beers, but I put a handful into my TS tree and I wish I hadnt. If there is no way that is fine, but I am just hoping.


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You can reset each tab/tree, but not individual branches. Should be a reset button at the top left. If that's not there, then there are NPCs that do it for a fee.
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It would be nice if AA could be set in a edit/save mode -- for example, if I want to play around with assigning points without having to employ math, I could fiddle with arranging the points, and then when I'm happy, click "save" and my AA is set. It would also be nice if, when fiddling, the effects of passive spells be active so you can see how these change your character stats. To prevent exploits, this mode should only be available at an achievement NPC, out of combat. SMILEY
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You can play with your aa set ups there.

Or you can copy to beta server formerly known as test copy and play with it there endlessly.

For switching things around you can always get an aa mirror & store multiple aa specs.

And the expansion releases soon & there will be an aa reset with that most likely. You will definately have the aa you spent in the tradeskill tree removed as the tradeskill aa are being seperated from adventure aa.

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