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Old 08-18-2010, 05:36 PM   #31

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[email protected] wrote:

There are currently no plans to allow players to switch back to the old FX, but we put the new Spell FX on the Test Server first to get feedback and replace those Spells that were deemed “Class Defining” and/or “Most Beloved.”  We have gathered the information from players and Devs and have restored those FX to their former glory.

So, which ones, exactly, were changed back? Because I really can't find a single instance of one on any of my toons. Rift is still a joke, and i'd say that spell is VERY class defining and beloved. All the reactives for my healer are that pukey yellow 2d PS1 1995 pulsing effect. Reactives for a cleric are pretty..um..class defining.

So which ones were "restored to their former glory". Seriously. I want to know.

I don't have any feedback on the new UI, because i'll never ever see it. The lack of any type of content except for revamping newbie areas (for EQ2X. Obviously) is a big negative for me. I also saw mentioned in the spell FX feedback thread that more feedback will be taken under advisement and some spells may be changed next GU. So in 3 months, some things MIGHT be changed, when Hemophobe already stated some spells were already changed. Yet none were.

Left hand not know what the right hand is doing?

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I like the Halas Reborn Splashscreen from GU56 that I still get

Azlea 80 Ranger Splitpaw
Guild Leader United Kingdoms

Keep in mind that SOE's game updates don't guarantee monthly subscriptions
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Zural wrote:

So now that fighters can no longer crit heals as it is not considered a core ability of a fighter to be able to heal:

Why do priest classes get to crit damage spells and melee crits, is that a class defining trait?

Why do scouts and in particular assassins get to crit heals that full heal them twice over, definitely a class defining trait?

Why do conjy's and necros get to crit heals for their pets?

Oh they had to leave something for GU58. =P

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Server: Unrest
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Ummmmm..... Where is the content???

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BUG: Unless it's just me.

Go to Kerra Isle in SF.

The Kerra Hunter NPCs that hang out and kill the cockatrices and panther things.. after they are done fighting, they run back to their resting spot.. and then fly into the sky.  If I look up, I can see them hovering in the air.  When a mob gets close, they come back down to fight it, then run back up into the sky.

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Old 08-18-2010, 05:52 PM   #36

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Ok as for the look of the UI it is not back, I have a custom ui for providing me with a great deal of more information.  The exp bar sucks massively it is too dam huge and takes up too much space. only reason I use it anyways was to track my AA exp that was it.  I have another window providing me with both combat and tradskill. It needs to be adjust if you are going to keep it.I agree with what Xurtan stated about the SOGA as a default.  I find them ugly and frankly demeaning to what EQ2 is about.  If I wanted to seek some crappy looking model with a [Removed for Content] kidish flare then I might as well go play WOW.  I prefer the old model, it gave the game a more realistic look then the SOGA Models.  As well as it does not -SCREAM- that EQ2 is trying to be like WOW.I don't know if anyone noticed it but the patrol guards in SFP are 95^^^ now, instead of being near lvl 36.  Also the guard sin NFP near the tower of Darkell (or something like that) are 95^^^ not that anyone can enter there and EFP seemed fine.  I have not even checked Qeynos but I just hope the same was not done as well.  Perhaps it was a mistake or a goofy, upon which I will excuse but it needs to be address and fixed never the less.  If it wasn't then I only question to what was the thought on ninja change with out even having the honesty to at least let your customers know.   Those are areas weather it is Freeport or Qeynos that have guild hall, where many guilds have cross aligment classes.  It jsut make it that much harder to get to the halls.Other then that I have no other complaint other then that if you ask for the feedback weather it is from the test or from your other servers.  One should make a practice to handle the issues at hand.


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Old 08-18-2010, 05:52 PM   #37

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Whinge, whinge, whine, moan.

Say all you want but vote with your subscription.  

Cancelled mine and it's actually quite sad to witness this games ongoing decline - surely the people working at SOE can see this too? 

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Also for the UI, an option just like SOGA should be there.  If you can click a button to make the UI red or blue, you should be able to click a button to make the UI new or old style.  Forcing preferential things like the looks and visual appearences of a game and nixing away old ones is an awful idea.  If I play Quakelive, I can make my lightning gun look like the one from Quakeworld, Qlive, default q3 shaft, OSP shaft...it is not hard to provide options for differnet preferences and catering to people who may like the older styles while providing options to people who are pleased with the new style.

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My feedback is that this is the worst GU ever.

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Tormentor of Fae
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[email protected] wrote:

BUG: Unless it's just me.

Go to Kerra Isle in SF.

The Kerra Hunter NPCs that hang out and kill the cockatrices and panther things.. after they are done fighting, they run back to their resting spot.. and then fly into the sky.  If I look up, I can see them hovering in the air.  When a mob gets close, they come back down to fight it, then run back up into the sky.

LOL!  They had that bug the 1st week of Testing but it did get fixed on Test .. supposedly ..  *snickers* 

I have [Removed for Content] showing it from when my UI looked 'normal' instead of this 'clunky' one we have now.


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Old 08-18-2010, 06:08 PM   #41

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You know what?


UI looks like every other MMO out there, instead of making their own way SOE is certainly trying to copy cat whatever they feel will make it more WoW like. (ooh smedly can just taste the sub numbers)

Besides the tradeskill quests there is no new content in the game.

Spell graphics... Just wow, I can't believe they could suck that much in looks.

After playing for a while quitting is looking better and better. Clearly things are not going to improve.

This is piece meal NGE. When are you going to combine classes?

SOE will kill off EQ2 before it would naturally die.. 11/10/2004-9/19/2010 - for me

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Old 08-18-2010, 06:11 PM   #42

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"There are currently no plans to allow players to switch back to the old FX"

Then make those plans, 'cause the new ones are so underwhelming and look like something from the early '00s. How could you possibly not understand people would despise this idiotic change?

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Old 08-18-2010, 06:14 PM   #43

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BMA-man wrote:

"There are currently no plans to allow players to switch back to the old FX"

Then make those plans, 'cause the new ones are so underwhelming and look like something from the early '00s. How could you possibly not understand people would despise this idiotic change?

This. How do these things even make it to test, let alone become an idea in someones head.

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Old 08-18-2010, 06:15 PM   #44

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I really don't know how to say this without sounding like a random rager. There's no constructive criticism to be given because there wasn't an update to begin with. You did absolutely nothing for the game. No the first time either, seem to remember a certain 'bug stomp' LU where there all you did was fix typos. There is tons of unresolved issues and imbalances, and they have been around for months if not years. Instead we get spell animation fixes which, as the majority of the players seem to agree, are not wanted by the player base. Considering the fact that you're charging 15 bucks per months for this game, i can't help to feel insulted by SOEs policy over the last year. And yes, i know, i'll probably be considered rude now, won't i? Same as when the servers were down for 9 hours straight without so much as a comment by SOE, and people were actually told off for becoming agitated.

So here's your feedback in a nutshell: I am extremely unhappy with the last update(s) and the course SOE has laid down for this game, to say the least. Keep going like this just a bit longer and i for one will be gone for good.

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Ok as a Paladin with 28K hit points in raid my single target heal is now pointless at 4.5K, my group heal is pointless at 4K my ward is pointless at 5K, as a hybrid class, third of my hybrid isnt cutting the mustard any more.

As a vet of 5 years I hate that were forced to use the new spell effects, I would like to see a button that allows us to choose which we see.


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Old 08-18-2010, 06:19 PM   #46

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OK, if anyone has been reading dilbert recently I would like to point out a rather funny similarity.

It is called empire building.

It shows the pointy haired boss putting his name on anything he can.

It is funny that Smokejumper put out the post on GU 57 which includes all the Station Cash every where changes.

Normally you see the Community manager letting us know about these things.  

I hope this does not portray where things are going.

With that being said, so far the update has worked very well.  I have noticed my spells casting faster which I hope is due to the spell particle changes.  

Custom UI's have already found a way to remove the SC button off the xp bar.  Well unless you want the default xp bar.  Then you can just move the sc button off screen.

I have been trying to figure out how much Bigger a master version of a spell makes the particle effects over say an apprentice.  Right now I really don't see much of a difference in the tiers.  Anyone have any screenshots of the differences?

Gonna see how the changes have effected raiding tonight.  Peace all.

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Old 08-18-2010, 06:20 PM   #47

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Do we have to have the big red Station Cash RMT button being rubbed in our faces all the time in the new UI?  I thought the promotion of RMT was being kept to the new Extended experiment, and seem to recall reading that this experiment would not affect the Live servers.

The new UI seems buggy.  It will not remember my hotkey layouts, key-bindings and chat window set-up between sessions.

The new spell effects are terrible.  Far too subdued, and far too radical a departure from the beautiful fireworks displays we are used to.  Please revert to the old ones, or at least enable an option to choose which you see.

Why default to SOGA models for character creation?  They are ugly and were never aimed at the western audience.

Finally, as game updates go, I've never seen one more threadbare and sparse in the new content area.  If this is the best the EQ2 team can manage these days, then the game truly has fallen into a sad state of decline.  Whoever allowed a content light (or should that be free), buggy update out the door should be ashamed of themselves.

Edit - the tradeskill additions are welcome.  Domino is still doing a good job there.  

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Old 08-18-2010, 06:21 PM   #48
Tyrus Dracofire

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this proved they dont listen to players, they just push their agenda that we dont like or not wanted, folks posted in test server pages, and doesnt heed and went on live and now it just more stir of hornets so angry.

that smokejumper and smedly need to step down, both dont make game as fun for players, just more drags and trashs.

Bring Back Blackguard and Meanbeard!!!! they are really the ones who understood the game more than anyone on SOE!

with current dev team if they Blackguard/Meanbeard leading them, they make best team and best contents, with Dominio, and few others would rocks!

i feel bad for Brendlo, he just another victim of guys in suits wanting to push their agendas that might not be popular but just as greedy.

bring back Paladin as the way they were intended as class, they are not paladin if heal spell nerfed, then what are they as the class? they got lowest plated fighter armor, then what good it is? and they need better heals while guardians and zerkers have those super higher armor mitigations.

if i ever found a RL genie lamp, i would personally wasted a wish to "un-nerf" all paladin's skills back to GU13 and no one can "unwish" it.

if smokejumper or any other smeadly make bad calls, then that is the day Eq2 died, maybe it still doesnt know it died since, nobody cares about cash exchange stations, only those who in vainity are the fools to spend on pixal fluffs for cash because that game can get unplug at anytime just like Asheron's Call 2.

all i just want for the game, to bring back the fun factor, not the market themes.

well, i guess that Battleground just hurt Paladins more than any other class overall, they were just fine before BG released. just a class victim still getting the nerfbatting since GU13.

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Old 08-18-2010, 06:23 PM   #49

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impressions so far:

The new xp bar is way to big without adding any real funtion. The new hotbuttons on it dont fill any function whatsoever because its way faster to use hotkeys for it.

The remapping of hotkeys is really annoying. No real reason to change them after being the same for 5 years.

The new spell animations was way better before. For instance. I start to cast Ice comet at a mob. A boulder starts to grow above my head. The mob dies from the ice comet. Wait.. The boulder is still sitting over my head and starts to fly towards the target some time after the mob is dead.....   Ice shield is now a milky cube that surrounds the target instead of the iceblocks with spikes on them that fell down and built a wall around the target before..... /cries     Some look a little better but most are just bland. You could really have done better on this...And whats the point. Its been working great for 5 years. Why change it now?

The impression all this gives me is that its some kind of vision that people dont have computers that can handle EQ2 and will flock to the new F2P server when the graphics been tweaked to lower versions. Or is it just to get them to pay extra to upgrade their spells and see the blandess more clearly?

If a computer couldnt handle EQ2 before, these little tweaks wont make them handle it much better now.  People that want WOW graphics play WOW. And besides this just makes your current customers [Removed for Content] off, because you havent really told us why youve done these changes. We can only make the connections on our own and blame the new F2P server.

Talk to us and tell us more clearly why you do things. I see started threads for feedback and other topics but i rarely see any kind of participation in the discussions by the DEVs. This will probably be another. A lot of things here should have been talked about before you launched it. Its a lot easier to reason with people if they know why things happen.Please dont be afraid to open up discussions, you will get more intresting answers ideas and feedback that will make your work a lot easier. And if you let people know why you do things its more easy to accept changes they dont like.

The fighter heal change was probably inevitable since some classes got really overpowered. Havent played my tanks much yet but i can see the reason for the change.

Nice crafting quests and starter zone quests.

Overall I have to say this was the most dissapointing GU since you went over to a 3 month update plan. Not much fixed, almost no new content. A lot of polishing that just scrubbed a lot of flavour and colour out of the game.

/rant off

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BChizzle wrote:

My feedback is that this is the worst GU ever.


Only positives are some slightly improved travel and at least Domino takes care of her people even tho I detest crafting.

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Back in July Xelgad, you post this on the guard forms:

Greetings Guardians!First off, allow me say that we understand that the class is being outshined at the moment, and we’re working on it. It's going to take more than just one change to get Guardians back to working as a strong class again. I'm not going into details yet, but we do have a mechanics change in the works that will at least help a bit to distinguish Guardians as a more defensive tank. Even with that, the class is currently lacking in other areas, including threat generation and utility.

I find it had to belive that the new fighter crit nerf is not tied to guardians being "outshined".  Why would they be out shined?  I have a couple of potential answers for you:1.  The content with the SF release was so simple in comparison to prior releases that you dont need a "defensive tank".  The other fighter classes arent the problem.  They are just more valued because there is no need for a defensive tank.

2.  The game mechanics no longer require stoneskins for herioc content and in some cases raid content.  A defensive tank adds value when a mob will kill another player if the meat shield isnt there.  What mobs in the current instances of herioc content offer the level of complexity or sheer dps that you need a meat shield?

If you want guardians to be valued, dont nerf the rest of the classes, instead, spend some time coming out with challenging content that might require a defensive tank.

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Old 08-18-2010, 06:38 PM   #52

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Edit: This has been edited to let you know that this thread was originally posted under its own heading, but was closed because of consolidation.  Yet, there are still many posts about GU57 in the general gameplay forum...  Did they close this post just for consolidation, or for the conversation it creates?

You have really gone too far by forcing players who enjoy the default UI to have a SC Marketplace button on their experience bars.

I am not going to talk about the fact that Smed swore up and down that Marketplace goods would never offer stats in a way that players on non-exchange servers would be able to benefit from.  Yet, we have how many SC mounts with stats now?  (Don't you love when people talk about things by explaining that they are not going to talk about it--anyway, digression over).

GU57 has made me realize that I actually resent how much energy you are putting into the SC Marketplace content because SoE now forces--yes, forces us, because who doesn't want to have their EXP bar open-- paying customers to have what is essentially an advertisement button on a UI widget.

There is enough exposure to the Marketplace without you having to shove it down our throats. It is on our welcome screen, and there is a big, bright option in our EQ2 button menu.  Those spots seemed reasonable, making that pay content easily accessible for new and old players who choose to use it, and I had no complaint; it seemed sensible enough, and was not too intrusive.

Now, I feel intruded upon.  Too much is too much, and FORCING players to have the SC button on the EXP bar crosses that line in a way that makes me worry about the integrity of the producers and devs.  You made beautiful changes to the UI, and you ruined it for a chance at making cash?  To promote a feature of the game that is absolutely unimportant to game play, that has no place on the front of the UI attached to an important widget?

For anyone who believes that there are easy fixes (i.e download a custom UI, or disable the exp bar within default), and I am just a complainer, know this: the SC Marketplace has been a slippery-slope issue for those who believe that paying real-life dollars for in-game items is a bad direction for our game to take.  It seems now that SoE is zooming down that slippery slope without brakes. 

Perhaps it is time the paying customers reel them in a bit and DEMAND that the SC Marketplace button be removed from the front of our UI.

Look out folks who p2p, I foresee ads coming very soon.  Like on loading screens, or on the end of hotbars.  If we let this go, next thing you know, in order for us to cast a spell, we will have to  watch a 15 second video ad.

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Old 08-18-2010, 06:43 PM   #53

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Please give the next GU a name and a focus. I want "Might and Monument" or "Halas Reborn" not GU 57 w/ UI/graphics changes for EQ2X. There's nothing for me to anchor this GU in my mind except that it was the GU that was all about making sure new players wouldn't come to the legacy servers again.

If there is no central theme to a GU, then it should either actually be a hotfix, or it should be delayed until there is enough content to make it seem worthwhile to the playerbase. There's negative content in this GU.. we actually lost the Druid Ring event and the new Halas celebration quests and gained nothing (from an adventuring standpoint, I do know there are a few TS quests.)

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The new spell animations sux, at least give us a way to turn them off. being in groups and raids, we have enough clutter i don't need to see a boulder fly to realize i executed a spell. This is stupid past believe....and YES I said STUPID on purpose...sue me.

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The crit nerf to fighter heals is significant but in one case it's very drastic. The zerker spell Vision of Madness is suppose to be a death save and heal combo. In practice the spell has always been a click and pray because it really doesn't prevent death. You could only hope that the heal would be more than the incoming damage and allow you to live. Now that it's not criting, the heal really doesn't keep up with damage and is vertually worthless. You saw this coming for Battle Frenzy and adjusted it's heal value. I ask the same consideration and an update to be made to Vision of Madness.

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Phencer wrote:

Perhaps it is time the paying customers reel them in a bit and DEMAND that the SC Marketplace button be removed from the front of our UI.

Look out folks who p2p, I foresee ads coming very soon.  Like on loading screens, or on the end of hotbars.  If we let this go, next thing you know, in order for us to cast a spell, we will have to  watch a 15 second video ad.

I would love to believe that if Sony's customers demanded that they make changes it would actually get done. The lack of any dev's response in this 'feedback' thread is an obvious sign that they only opened the thread to give us the false hope that they are listening and care. They don't care. All they can think of is how much money they can make from the new comers. But what they have not stopped to think about is how much money they are going to lose by the subs they are going to start hemorrhaging.

And as sad as it is, I could totally see Sony putting advertisements in game.

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GU 57 Cons:

================================================== ==================================

- Content?  What content?

- A few new crafting quests.  Took me all of 20 mins to finish the highest level ones (35) in Steamfont with nothing to show for it except one more little rock to put in my house (ugg!)

- Details Tab from the persona was nuked.  Can't see your progress for Research unless you use the slah command now.

- No "drop Here" on on your inventory screen anymore.

- All the little "tweaks" you guys did to low tier abilities caused those abilities to reset. Bye bye masters that i had in all of them.  Minor grief, but still thoughtless on SOE's part, I think.

- Removed the ability to /camp to other characters beside the top 7 if you had previously had 12.  This was a supposed bug since launch but it had been OFFICIALLY recognized as a means to an end and, as such, was sanctioned by at least two separate devs in years past (see a post in General for the links). But because you guys can now charge for extra slots, you all of a sudden closed that loop hole without any notice, leaving many players in the crappy position of not having their top 7 toons in the right order. Total BS as far as I am concerned. (and NO, I don't play more then the 7 I currently have)

- XP bar is gawd aweful big and intrusive

GU 57 Pros:

================================================== ===========

- Haven't really seen any so far, except maybe the travel is a bit easier.

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Old 08-18-2010, 07:03 PM   #58

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** The Good **

I'm not a crafter, but I did look over the quests and it seems some good work was done there.

I like the F10 option, but wish I could see window contents when moving them.

One recent problem I've had was link-death issues.  This is listed as an improvement and I'm happy to see that get some attention, though I cannot confirm it works yet.

Getting some spells earlier, and some later: it seems to make sense so far.

** The Bad **

The critical heal nerf was just a bad idea.  It only hurts players who were in no way overpowered.  For the supposed overpowered players: they will still be overpowered.  So, what was the point?

The spell and combat animations are horrible.  I tried test server and was worried, but only had one toon and little time.  The change is so bad, such a terrible downgrade in graphics quality, it is just shocking.  I'm very visually oriented, and the spell effects were a huge feature for me, and it just terrible now.  Too short, too similar, too simple, too small, they make no sense at all (ice spells are fireballs?)... this is just shockingly bad.  I've used several tools in the last few days to measure performance and CPU usage, and I see no improvement at all, and a slight increase in CPU usage.  I cant' see anything positive about this.

Station Cash: let's face it, this represents a big lie from SoE.  There is no way around it.  It is open and careless dishonesty.  I know where the marketplace is if I need it.

UI changes: the changes appear to be mostly nothing... color changes and other things which make it appear something was done, but no real improvements, and some negatives.  Specifically: I want personae and inventory seperate again, and I want my clock back.  The rest I'm indiferent about as I use a custom UI.

The XP bar: all of the buttons on there should be seperate from the XP bar, and removable.  It's my UI, I should control what I see.  Most of my complaints about this can be fixed by third party UI developers, who honestly do a better job anyway.


Overall summary: I see a whole lot of work put into things players don't need or want, instead of it being put into bug fixes, content, storyline... in other words instead of the game itself.

The graphics downgrade is the worst change of all.  It was a serious shock, and it just looks terrible.  It's enough to make me quit, and several friends I play with feel the same (no one I know likes the changes), so even if I was able to put up with the changes, my friends are wanting to quit because of them.  If they leave, I will too... they are why I'm here.

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I do wonder what you guys have been doing for the last three months. No new content at all? I could forgive the crappy updates centered around EQ2x/RMT if there was at least one bit of new content.

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The inquisitor trainer is North qeynos is letting you betray to inquisitor without pre-req's and reguardless of class.

my level 4 ranger just betrayed to inquisitor, should take a look at it SMILEY

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