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Brigands are focused on stuns and roots.  Between Cheap Shot, Blackjack, Walk the Plank (via AA), and our melee CA which knocks someone to their knees (who's name I can't remember), you have plenty of chances to use your rear positions attacks while soloing.  A Brigand has to always be moving and spining around their opponent as they're holding it still for a moment.  (Of the two rogue classes, Brigands are forced to be the most mobile of the two as they weave through the grouping battlefields in search of near mobs to attack from behind.)

Brigand are single target dps.  Swashbucklers are AE dps, but their single target dps is also just a hair under a Brigand's single target dps target.  Then Swashbucklers get a Hate Transfer, which Brigand doesn't.  Both classes are debuffers.  A Brigand reduces a mob's defenses (which increases your party's dps rate), while a Swashbucklet reduces a mob's offensive potential.  Of the two classes, Brigand has the most rear positionally required attacks.

My main is a Brigand.  They're a lot of fun soloing.  Once you get to your mid 50's, you'll get both Dispatch and Double Up.  Those two CA will change a lot.  But having said that...  If you plan on reaching the level cap and experiencing the end game scene, you DON'T want to be a Brigand.  Period.

Why?  End gamers care about your dps parses.  Since Brigand mitigation debuffs are invisible (since they raise your entire party's dps output), parses won't show your contributions.  Also a Swashbuckler dps output is vastly superior to a Brigand dps output.  Then to help the tank hold aggro, the Swashbuckler can transfer part of their hate generation to the tank.  As if this isn't bad enough, there are also debuffing caps.  On a carefully constructed raiding guild roster, a Brigand serves no purpose since they can hit the debuff cap without relying on the very large debuffs which Brigands provide.  Therefore a raiding Brigand has to look for PUG raids, low to mid level raiding guilds, or the Brigand has to master their class so well that they earn their raid spot based on their dps output and player skills (which is a very rare event).

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