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TL/DR - Was drawn in by one of your promotions, only to be turned away by seeing you guys cutting mentored xp.

Heh...  Not played in a long time, but LOL.  Not doing much with sub games at the moment.  When I have the money, I spend a lot.  But I don't right now.  Stuff happens.  

I maxed out the last of my 'mains' in the game I was playing just yesterday.  Like some cosmic coincidense today I got an email advertising EQ2s new Kronos today.  That email enticed me to the forums.  I thought, maybe it might be worth grinding the plat to pay the sub fee.  So I came here (to the forum) looking for details.  Before I even read a thread about that I am drawn to this one about EXP changes.

One thing I liked to do in EQ2 was to grind my way up to a higher level then mentor down and run through every zone and dungeon I know about.  When I dropped my sub I stopped playing because I couldn't adjust the AA slider on my alts anymore.  My gear popping off my mains was annoying, but it was limitations on how I could play my characters that made me lose interest.  Now that I can buy a sub with ingame plat, you guys are cutting the experience to mentored players?  ROFL.  No thanks.  I think I just dodged a bullet here.  Hope you guys get your stuff together.  I really do like this game a lot, so I'm sure I'll come back later and see how it turns out.  Later.

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