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I really don't think this is going to have the end-of-the-world effect on powerleveling that's being woried about.

All you have to do is throw one spell, one reactive, one heal, one debuff, one sword swing, one arrow, one... anything into the encounter and you're on the hate list.  Dehates don't remove you from the hate list.  Positionals don't remove you from the hate list. Even if they put you at negative hate. 

The only thing this hurts is AFK powerlevel-ees. And situations so imbalanced the Powerlevel-er is oneshotting every single mob.  And in exchange legitimate PLing is many times faster.

I'm ok with that...

This is how I read it as well. Sounds like all in all a good thing to me. Wonder if it applies to the afk pet/merc levelers too?

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