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ZachSpastic wrote:

SteelPiston wrote:

I hate this. I can't recall how many times that I've gone to a home and found that I'm locked out. I wish SOE would fix the broker so that it did not show somebody's address if their rent hasn't been paid.

The broker used to do that. I found it useful for remotely checking to see if my rent had expired, since I really only use housing to hold my sales crates. I don't know when it was that they broke the broker.

And the address listing issue on the broker is really annoying. Honestly, what purpose does including the 'The..' in the address serve other than taking up the few character spaces that could be useful in telling you which eliminated village the character was moved from in the so-called city revamp. (I'm looking at you, Lion's Mane Inn.)

I used to do that as well, use the broker to "tell" me when I had to pay rent.  It has to do with multiple house ownership (at least from my experience) if one of your houses has it's rent paid, doesn't matter that the one you sell items from is not paid, it will show it's paid.

Again, it's just my experience.  I hate not being able to see on the broker if one of my houses needs rent paid.  That said, I've started to every two months... I go to each character and pay their rent.  Tedious? sure! but I hate so much going to someone's house and them not having their rent paid, I don't want others going throught he same thing with mine :p

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