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Ok, you've got a shiny new Krono to sell, and want to do it on the broker.  You pop it in there, and adjust your price so it's the lowest visible.

590p (your price). 118p (commision to the broker), 708p (charge to customer).

Remember to:

  • Get a house! There are free ones!
  • Put a marketboard in the house
  • Use the market board to place the vending container in question in the house
  • Make sure your house is set to visitor access (should happen automatically)
  • Pay your rent!

If you do that, people can come by your house and buy the Krono for 590p.  If you don't, people have to pay 708p. And that's a difference that lots of folks will pass you over to the next guy for.  You get 590p regardless.

This public service announcement posted on behalf of people who might pay 500p+.  Won't pay 700p+. And sure won't blow 100p+ in broker fees regardless of the price they're willing to pay.

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