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Due to RL stuff I am often on the forums as a "returning player". I've played since release (on and off) and my main is 87. She's grouped maybe a dozen times in all of those levels - I prefer solo. So my advice in that to you would be that locking is a positive thing. When you are working alone to get gear, etc you need to be stronger than another conjuror at your level who mostly groups. Grouping all the time, you are getting nice loot drops from dungeon crawls, etc while solo you are relying on quest rewards and being able to take down a named mob solo in hopes of a class-specific drop. I just went to Great Divide last week and thought to do the quest line with the otters. I was able to complete it at 87, but the mobs were very difficult for my char. I attributed this to the fact that my AAs are LOW, and I am quest-geared. If my AAs were higher, I would have been able to kill these mobs more easily even with my quest gear. So... AAs are important as you level up when you are soloing.  As a side note.. now that I have a nice set of quest gear from the Great Divide - the pre-DoV zones are MUCH easier to me.

Now that I am "smarter" I have been leveling up a new char and level locking at certain points to build AAs. I was starting to burn myself out this way until I started switching things up. One night I would do the quest lines, the next night I would work on Heritage Quests/Factions, another night I might run around trying to hit all of the named mobs I could with chronoing down, etc. It keeps things interesting and is making me a stronger char overall. I wish I had slowed down with my main, as now trying to go back and grind out the last few levels and build AA is frustrating to say the least.

As for the questions about Profit UI, if you go to EQ2Interface's website and go to the Profit UI page, you can post questions there that can be answered directly by the guy who creates Profit

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