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Okay folks, I made some changes today, and I want to give you a heads up as to what's coming.

Elishuru is now properly visible in Khali'Yrzu for "No Pride to Speak Of" and "Right in the Nose."

Reduced the spawn timer for plumewit eggs for the quest "Land Development."

Olinnisk is now properly visible in Khali'Yrzu for the quest "Further Applications."

The wisp box placements for both "Light Studies" and "Lighter Studies" have had their visuals changed, which will hopefully make them easier to find. The number of available boxes has also been increased.

The infused soil has been enlarged, had an effect added, and I've added additional spots for the quest update.

Think that's about it. These should all be in the next beta update, so let me know if you're still seeing this issues.

Thanks, all!
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