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What I dislike on it is a) it destroys items. so anything I might want to pass to an alt, or anythign with a stat or effect I might want, can't be placed in there. b) we only get 18 slots for collectors per item slot, and c) becuase it 'destorys' the item, all of my armor switching macros will no longer work. I can of course us the appearance tab 'sets' but you only get 10 sets. I got more armor appearance looks then that.

I got a look for every holiday (notd, frostfell, tinkerfest, brewday, bristlebane day) plus sets from heritage (high elf/renda'dal looks) and then I got at least 6 other looks (gold hoarder armor, the white zealot's armor from TSO, darkmetal from mistmoore, the incandescent look from CS/Siren's grotto, a ToT armor set, etc.)

I think at the very least it needs to NOT destroy the items, or have a way to restore them back from the appearance wardrobe. it also needs a lot more slots. I got the 66 slot bag full of armor looks, and I got at least 3 48 slots bank crates that are nothing but appearance armor/cloaks/weapons.
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