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While I love that you guys are finally implementing a wardrobe system in game...something that has been a much NEEDED feature for a very long time now, I tend to agree with others here.

The limited number of slots makes this feature nearly useless. I have ten characters all of whose house vaults and half their bank slots are filled with gear. Three of them have trade-able gear stored in their broker bags. All of which I am unwilling to part with until such time as they can all be added to my wardrobe.

This leaves no room for purchasing new appearance gear, which means not buying appearance gear from the marketplace using DBC. Seems to me adding more slots would be beneficial to DBG and players both.

I would especially tend to agree with the need for more cloak slots. I LOVE cloaks, and want to collect as many as I possibly can. Each of my characters has at least one full 46 slot bag of cloaks and would have more if I simply had the space for them. Please consider expanding the slots in our wardrobes to a much higher number, especially for cloaks and chest armor. Otherwise, you really haven't done much to help with these storage issues. Thank you!
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