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i agree, seems to be a work in progress. i would suggest that the slots be reworked to be just extensions of the appearance feature (for now), thus we drop the item in but it is returned to us intact (not changing it like the merc appearance slots used to be).

this is a mix of WoW void bank and Rift wardrobe, which has been replaced with a collection feature with unlimited items. in WoW, Rift, and ESO collection features, there is no item limit. items are "appearance not collected" so you know to add them to the wardrobe collection. the item is "consumed" and frees up bank space (so don't collect anything that you need to use...).

EQ2 wardrobe is trying to be the Rift wardrobe feature providing the ability to quick swap costumes with a button click. Rift gives, with the standard addition, 6 costumes and more can be bought on their merch store.
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