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Yes, I expected we would all have the same wardrobe feature with the 18 slots as per the livestream. 18 slots doesn't seem very generous, but 6 seems extremely stingy what with all the boxes and boxes of appearance items we have per character. I'm excited about the wardrobe feature, but a bit less excited than I was since spending hundreds of dollars in the marketplace adding a sufficient amount of slots per character (assuming that's the plan) isn't quite what I had in mind or is going to be financially possible. If I'm having to decide which 6 robes out 50+ (as an example) is going to get put in the wardrobe, not sure how useful the feature is going to be if I'm still going to have to look through lots of stuff still stored in the bank too in order to decide what to wear next.

I'd really like to be able to clear out the bank, but not doing it if I feel too scared of making the wrong choices as to which items to destroy permanently since the slots are so severely limited.

Nevertheless, I'm still planning to enjoy the expansion despite this bit of disappointment as it's not like I can't continue having fun without the feature for most of my collection just like I'm already doing. Smile
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