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Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction [Advanced Solo]

Troub/Kluuron merc
Not sure it's doable with a merc lol. He dies very early.
All but last named is ez.
Last named has a few bugs.
KB can be used to advantage. (i think that's part of script)
Damage is too much from his ranged dot. I had to take bagpipes solo, and death prevent to make any progress.
Portals bug out. Seems like if you push him over the portal wont spawn but he will port to the pedestal and there is no way to get to him. Happened on >1/3 of pulls. He should maybe go immune when he ports to cast his portal. Just have to eat a death and try again it seems. It is very hard not to push him over.

Also no cabalbox access pin update on spider.
One 'a disabled undertok sentry' was stuck in the torch at bottom of stairs outside waterworks area. (not sure if there is a quest for it or acheivement but if there is it's uncompleteable

Almost gave up. Decided to fraps one pull to document no portal spawning but then actually killed him that pull.
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