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Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction [Advanced Solo]

zone overall not bad until I got to Black bolt himself

where to begin on this encounter
pulled it ten time using various set ups
same thing kept happening
KB with dark screen (this needs to be just a KB or just a dark screen not both)
name ports 50 meters away and cause dark reach to start ticking for 240k damage which doesnit seem bad until you get to the named to get hit for 190k a sec with shock bolt and it 120k zap autoattack in between.

all this inc damage on top of trying to run to a portal to click on it to get back in range of the named is a lil too much for a scout like myself. other arch types it'll be easier to accomplish on.

Over all this encounter reminds me of the last named in Highkeep in AoM with all silly mechanic that is not met will own you in 20 sec or less

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