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Maldura: Algorithm for Destruction

Signature quest: Underdepths Saga: Zaphardt's Defenders:
Obtain undertook sentry upgrade plans: They SHOULD be group updates in my opinion. They do REspawn, but it takes awhile & if running with a friend on same quest, it could be hours before both players get all updates.

Obtain Cabalbox Access Pin: Dialog does not indicate where or how to get it. The voice box says it was with X O robot spider thing, we killed it, no drop or update. Do we need to extract it off him while he is alive?

Pet the Puppy quest:
Find bowl of Water > give to Puppy Shuck > Locate his master > Outside Maldura near the Forge > Speak with Bhardain
WHERE is Bhardain??

Kralet Penumbra: Rise to Power - Adv. Solo
Kill the Listener
Mute the speaker
Have completed this dungeon TWICE - NO UPDATES.

Adv. Solo's are a work in progress, but some of the Mobs, not necessarily the nameds, but the aggressors, have the ability to 1 shot you, dot you, unable to cure as a healer when stun locked, then die. Some of the nameds in the Penumbra adv. solo's also have a TON of health, took me 35 min to kill 1 named as an Inquisitor with a tank merc. Usually the merc will die on all the other "normal" mobs in the zone, but would survive the boss fights, just takes forever to kill them. There are still some ^^^ heroics in the adv. Solo's Penumbra as well who have the Mitigation/Ward buff that takes awhile for them to lose, IF you manage to get them to lose it at all.

Will keep returning as I find anything else that I question.

Gninja, Chrol, Kaitheel, & all the rest have been very very helpful throughout the days thus far & would like to extend my thanks & Gratitude to the entire Dev department for working so hard & diligently to get us the content & fixes as we find them.
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