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Hello everyone, and welcome to Terrors of Thalumbra beta!

Please post any bugs and/or feedback for the following dungeons (tier listing is the intended level of difficulty, where 1 is the least difficult):

Maldura: District of Ash [Heroic] – tier 1
Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction [Heroic] – tier 2

Maldura: Bar Brawl [Event Heroic] – tier 1
Maldura: Palace Foray [Event Heroic] – tier 2

Maldura: District of Ash [Advanced Solo]
Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction [Advanced Solo]
Maldura: Bar Brawl [Advanced Solo]
Note: Advanced Solo dungeons are all around tier 1

Maldura: District of Ash [Agnostic]
Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction [Agnostic]

The non-agnostic dungeons can be entered from various locations within the city of Maldura.

Also, please make sure you start your post with the name of the dungeon and the version (e.g. Heroic, Event Heroic, Advanced Solo).

Thanks for your time!

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