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Nynaeve wrote:

I didnt get a single colossal reactant ever, this is since about 6 months working on 4 lv90 crafters apprentices.

kinda sucks, all recipes basically useless.

I have 4 crafters, Lvl 92, that at first I was doing the daily quest on all 4 every day. That got rather tiresome, but I did that for quite some time. Now, I might do the quests 2 or 3 times a week (with all 4 crafters), and while that's not every day, that's still a lot of daily quests I've done since inception. I have yet to get a Colossal reactant. Did get some lvl 90 rare harvests, yea. Which, really, are of little use to me since all my toons are lvl 92, and anything I need now is over lvl 90.

RNG, I know, it's fickle. I know they don't want the market glutted with a lot of gear made from colossal reactants. but this is verging on absurd. Devs should think about tweaking the drop rate. Because this is just one more of those things that make the game frustrating rather than fun.

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