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I just did the tami swifthammer quest chain and I started it with my crafting xp at roughly 12. The quests are relatively level 15 so all of her "challenging" items give great crafting XP. I finished the quest chain at a crafting level of 17. WOOT! Hardly had to make anything.

now the curse part, her quests don't give any crafting skill like

"you get better at whatever ( 29, 30 )" << everything is relatively easy to make at 99% of capacity

so Items that were "even" to make at a crafting experience of 12 are now stated to be very easy... but they aren't. They are very hard to make and I've figured out why.

"you get better at whatever ( 29, 70 )" <<< YOU CAN"T MAKE ANYTHING WITH <50% SKILL

stuff that was easy at 29,30 is now nearly impossible at 30,70

I curse you Tami

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