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Something has to be done. Based on the last month or so, our consistent group of 92s have done the KP warfields and have witnessed the same story over and over. 10 to 20 Freeports in zone against 50-60 Qs. The sad part is the 50-60 Qs only hit the towers, while the Freeps are trying to engage the Qs. Within seconds after the Qs win the WF, they camp , evac or call with no intention of actually fighting. It is so depressing to think they are either so scared to pvp or they are that desperate to get free tokens from another tier WF. What's puzzing me the most, is what is the purpose of participating in a wf like a scheduled robot if you never actually gear up and pvp? We have seen Qs mentored at 92, 80s on top of the towers, under the towers. Seems like Qs trying everything to not have pvp, but are salivating over pvp tokens lol. It's a total joke.

A side note, our couple small Freep groups end up getting many kills anyway, but we end up losing everytime. There doesn't appear to be one additional Freep group to ever participate to help. As the WF message broadcasts, I consistently read " SS group lfm". Really? Nagafen is a pvp server, how is it not fun to kill the other faction? As all 50 Qs camp in sync, we remain in a group of ten looking to spar some more, with not one Q in sight.

My only suggestions, increase the tokens per pvp kill and increase the amount of tokens for a WF loss, so hitting the towers serves no purpose. And add some control to only award tokens if actually participating rather then sitting in a cave dead or in the ocean. Perhaps re-implement the pvp writs that give Havoc tokens.

Nagafen = PVP

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