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I would like to take a moment to share my PVP experience with you.  This is not a QQ.  This is just the facts.  I began playing this game a few years ago.  (Yes, I think this might be my only post on forums)  I first started a character on Nagafen.  I found the game interesting and fun.  My character made Level 10 that first afternoon.  Then right after I made Level 10, I had a duo kill me.  And camp me.  And kill me.  And camp me.  My memory is foggy about what that period of time is called when you are actually safe from being killed.  Or maybe it was that I kept leaving a "safe cirlce" or something.  It was a few years ago.  Anyway, I was camped and killed over and over again.  I tried to find ways to ditch the duo, but nothing worked.  And no other players in the area would help.  Sadly, I admit, I just gave up and went to a PVE server.

That is my only PVP experience in this game.  The game has been out for many years, so by the time I started playing, there would have been no even ground for me.  My point is that it seems very difficult for someone brand new to the game to actually play the PVP server. 

Again, not QQ'ing.  I actually laugh and joke about the experience with others I know that have played this game in the past.  It was kind of funny in a pathetic way.  Me and my little pick up armor, etc.  dying over and over and over again. 

At least I am still playing the game, if not off and on.

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