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Brucethegreat wrote:

I agree with these suggestions. BGs have ruined open world PVP to point that there are few if any pvp fights anymore. For those who hunt fot it, it doesn't exist. People don't quest. harvest, or adventure anymore. They spend almost all there time in BGs. A PVP server should not need big gimmics like BGs to get gear and fight opponents, it should be natural like it was before BGs were introduced. I chose a PVP server to get that thrill of combat as I jouney thru the zones not from some special place that does the same thing over and over again. Give our server a chance to stand out separate from PVE servers please. At least consider the first item if we get more things later that would only make it better.

They've tried open-world PvP with EQ1 and EQ2 for many, many years. They have experience in other games with PvP as well. History has proven that open-world PvP doesn't work and everytime you try to make it work it blows up in your face and wastes precious time.

BG's are a success. So it makes sense to use them on PvP servers.

You may wistfully recall past days when there were good moments in open-world PvP, like when two adventurers dueled one another on fair terms,  but for the most part, open-world PvP is filled with griefing and zerging and drives away new players from the server.

Like it or not, but this is the future of PvP, especially in PvE-centered MMORPGs.

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