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First off I would like to say thanks to SOE for trying to improve PVP.

Trying to get balanced and keep people interested in pvp is a never ending battle; people always want to compare it to how it was in the past or how a new game has done it. Here is A couple of things to think about: New games: everyone is leveling characters in the open world, the hard core player get to cap and end game gear fast and hunts and pick off each other and the newer players leveling and questing this creates a pvp atmosphere.

Now in EQ2 everyone has 2 or 3 92’s or a lot more, people log in to farm, raid or grind an alt. every time something new is implemented it creates a bottle neck. (And a lot of fun hopefully) Currently PVP/BG are the bottle neck. Personally im enjoying the new PVP. I log in do the WF then do the BG writs. If I have more time to play I continue to do the BG’s because I want the new gear. And there are very few spots to open world PVP other than WF’s.

Im of the opinion it will be very hard to recreate PVP like it was back in the day.

If they added new quest lines with rewards that were far superior to the gear we have now, that would induce hunting questers again.

Things like taking away exiles removing WF’s, taking away raid PVP will not bring it back to what you are referring to as real pvp. Real pvp always make me laugh let’s say you did all of those things. Then you would have less people during the WF’s and or 2 or three groups of each faction doing the same zerg that you are saying you want to avoid. Some of the best times I have had pvping was the rok tso days after the raid going out pvping with what was left of the raid against other raid guilds.

Removing the BG’s will not make people start hopping from zone to zone running around looking for someone to fight.

 Making travel more difficult again will not create this “real PVP” you speak of. It may add a few more kills if you camp popular zones and wait for groups or raids to zone in. but wait you don’t want raid pvp?

The population does not support old school PVP, where you can track and sneak up on someone and get the jump on them kill them rinse and repeat.

Things I like with the new update:

The removal in PVP/PVE gear separation. Two thumbs up!

Flying and jumping mounts being disabled once you are flagged. Personally I think they should stop once the WF starts. People still use them till the last 10 minutes.

The cost of the new PVP gear is high enough to keep people pvping for a long time. Hopefully once everyone attains t3 they are ready to add more to keep people pvping.

Mercs are pretty much useless during PVP now. personally I think they should cower or disappear once engaged in PVP combat.

The fame system is better, but personally they should go back to TSO fame or remove it all together.

Bringing back Exiles.

More tweeks they could do to improve PVP:

 Targeting is still messed up.

Make it so you don’t get full tokens unless you participate in the WF.

I agree we do need something to make people go out to contested zones other than Warfield’s. but don’t have a good suggestion as to how.

Make mercs disappear once engaged in PVP combat removing all buffs.

During the time of the WF disable flying/jumping mounts not just once you get flagged.

For the lower levels if you take a level 46 to ant you should not get tokens for the kill dirring the WF even though they are within the level limit.

Just my thoughts again im very happy with the recent attention to PVP.

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