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I think it's reasonable to assume that taking anything out of naggy that's already been there (bg or leapers/flyers) isn't going to happen. Really the chances are small that any of these suggestions will be implemented. How can players care about an open world pvp server when it's clear that the devs do not?

The allure of the battlegrounds is that the pvp isn't "real" in that it doesn't affect pvp standings in the real world, you have the built-in excuse of a "bad team" if you do poorly, the fights are a sure thing, and you can stack your odds by locking at a specific level and maxing out your gear instead of having to purchase new gear at every tier. You can save face and look l33t to your friends without really risking anything (fame, plat, embarrassment...) and reaping all of the rewards of pvp (experience, tokens, etc.). Then, all geared out and with a good rotation down for pvp you can strike out into the world and gank the new and the undergeared simply to prove your awesomeness. What's not to like about that?

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