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Since it would be impossible to remove leaping/flying mounts from the game (from some angles) why not put limits on them? Limit leaping and flying to be within range from the ground so people stand a chance of getting hit. Why not enable some kind of in-air pvp where you are always within ground range and have your flying speed disabled until combat is broken, and have a greater chance of being knocked from your mount and damaged by the fall, or have both opponents airborne with the same risk of falling? The mechanics can't be that different from fighting in water, can they?

Removing those mounts from nagafen would be a much, much simpler 'fix'.  The code needed to do what you suggest is extensive.

If these mounts 'break pvp' then their just shouldn't be leapers or flyers on naggy, end of story.

It seems to me there are many, many reasons why open world pvp isn't common anymore, and its just due to the general evolution of the game to mechanics that minimize open world player to player contact.

I personally don't see a long, vibrant life left in open world pvp.  There aren't resources to deliver radically different mechanics to a forked codebase anymore.

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