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789mkii wrote:

Hi, Celline-Layonaire.It is very interesting screenshot and the coloring is so very beautiful! Is a golden bull your pet?What game is "TEST4" in your photobucket albums? I was surprised so similer to EQ2 sky color. Please teach me.At the last, Thank you also for the comment in You Tube one week ago.

Thanks for your kind words. I'll do my best to take more awesome screenshots in the future  ^_^;;

And yeah that gorgon/bull-looking pet can actually be summoned by a mid-level Conjuror(around 50~52 I guess). And I think, of all the classes in this game, Conjuror has the most interesting shapeshifting abilities(Freeblood would be close second, I guess?).

About my photobucket album : There are only 3 games.

EQ2, Dark and Light(with drake flying under the dim light of sundered moon. This mmo was cancelled long ago. Sooo many fond memories I had there), and The Elder Scroll 4 - Oblivion (I was once a member of the big Oblivion modding team, and some of the screenshots in my album show that I've worked on the island as an environment artist. Sadly, that project is on hold now.) 

(if you want to hear some musics of Dark and Light,

well, as you can see, I use the same ID on Youtube as here.) 

Lastly, you mean '魂のルフラン' ? Heard the music originally came from the Evangelion Movie. Great song for sure =)

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