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I concur with Neiloch and Toranx,

When raiding HM for 4h30 I bring 2 spotted leather quivers (26 slots each so 5200 arrows per quiver).One with titanium field point arrows for trash, the other with spirit blessed field point arrows for names.By the end of the raid session the Titanium arrows quiver is empty and the Spirit blessed quiver is half depleted.

I have the 5 points in Arrow Reclamation and my unbuffed MA is 445, with various buffs it can jump to the 530-580 range, so it is hitting 6 times consistently (I am not even mentioning flurry and Aoe attack which enhance even more the arrow consumption). This MA range is more and more common for a raid ranger these days and it will be even more when crit mit is removed because we will then be able to readorn to more MA among other things.

That topic of endless quiver is like beating a dead old horse unfortunately but maybe a mechanic that makes sure that we spend 1 arrow even if we multi attack x6 would already be a plus. I made the cost bearable by making a lvl 90 woodworker, any ranger does at that point, so the idea that if we are given an endless quiver it would "endanger norrath economy" is a moot point. This arrow situation is just an annoyance.


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