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Banditman wrote:

For most heroic encounters you generally don't want to debuff at all.  It just doesn't make enough difference.  There are a few named encounters where debuffs can help, but they are few and far between.

AA is generally farmed best by completing quests.  With 136 AA I can say with pretty good confidence that you haven't completed all of the L70+ quests.  You should complete all the quests in:  Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, Jarsath Wastes, Moors of Ykesha, Sundered Frontier and Stonebrundt Highlands.

Keep in mind that all heroic instances are most definitely NOT created equally.  There is a super immense difference between trying to heal in Conservatory or Library (easy) versus Vigilant Rescue or Royal Palace of Erudin (difficult).  Know what you're getting into.

136 AAs sounds PL'd to me.  thats abt what my guildmate ends up with everytime he decides to PL a new character.  (yes, he does it often and can get there in a few days.  i keep looking at him with envy, lol.)  though, the statement of "i solo'd..." does make me question my initial thought of thats a PL'd mystic. 

anyway, as a shaman, you may have noticed your super duper ridiculously long casting times for your wards/heals.  you need to get to the heroic tab to reduce your casting speed.  you need to get some adornments that are casting speed reduction.  (i have heard that when you get up in the x4 raids, you wont need to do either as much bc its on the gear but you arent there atm.  not speaking from experience, just from what i heard.)  the heroic tab you cannot open until you have 200 AAs.  the adornments; however, you can get immediately.  crafters can make some for you.  there may even be yellow ones with casting speed reduction for sale somewhere in DOV.

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