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I made a suggestion about the Detriment endline when the Wis line was being modded. 

I guess they figure right now there's enough flexibility in how we can spend our 300pts and they'll just leave it broken so that it may be made 'available' for a 'new' effective mechanic TBA an expansion or two from now.

Maybe when CM or CC gets rediculous, everyone will have to have an Inq in their group or raid to debuff 25% CM or CB or CC of a mob using the then updated Maladroit.

Also, it would be extremely helpful if Stat debuffs were made clear across the board: Solo, Heroic, Raid. 

How much is -Stat really?  Do mobs have a linear drop?  Do they have a 'floor' that no additional debuffs can apply to said stat?  Does someone who holds 2 red adorns with a -168 Int and a -168 Str with full debuff AA chosen in all trees (they nicely sum up to adorn level values for Wis Str and Int deductions from our class) to stack class stat buffs on top of that really reduce mob damage output by a tangible value that isn't convoluted and requires reverse engineering to actually find?

Debuffs needed to be labeled as how much -%DPS or -% Health they are worth no matter what mechanic is at work (hit rate, hardness of hit, frequency of hit, etc.).  -168 Int should clearly say = -6.6% potency on Caster Mob or something we all can relate to.  168 didn't come out of thin air and it was chosen as a value for a reason so the Reds have just failed to communicate it's true value. 

Maladroit can't be made of clear value until the way in which debuffs are labeled and communicated to the community is changed.

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