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From someone that is new to THIS fame system I like it.... very few will ever have title's... as it should be.  Sadly the "fame" system does not support things that REALLY deserve fame.  A healer who keeps his group alive during a nasty battle.  The mage who although was killed right off the bat but got a res and came back to deliver the killing blow.  The tank that protected his party right to the end.  Them groups that stood thier ground against insurmountable odds.  Sure maybe they get a few points of fame but really....???  Is a ranger who snipes you so fast his mount never even drops worth of fame?  Hardly. 

I'm still working on getting to 90 and am 2.5 lvls away.  I am hopeing that with the 90 gear I fair better but the insane ammount of damage the 90's are cranking out my hopes are slim LOL

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