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Whole fame system goes into the wrong direction - but I don't care about titles anyway and play too many toons to actually get one up.Solo players and players in small groups benefit the most of the fame system and no big surprise to often see rangers having titles. Strange enough in a massively MULTIPLAYER game that people grouping up get the least amount of fame while solo players get 6 with every kill. On my lvl 59 char which I normally just use for waiting in EL until WF is over I here and then get a kill or two. And guess what - he has a higher fame than my T4 chars I actually play in several WFs a day. So playing a char in a group and sometimes die with him will not get you as much fame as just sitting somewhere alone and kill 1-2 players a WF. Now tell me how this fame system shows how skilled a player is: Basically a title only shows that one has an OP class, being solo, killing questers and running away when others hit them first.Get rid of the whole title system completely. I don't mind having no such a system in place at all.

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